SJC Spring Tour 2019 - Next Leg

Luke Garrigan and MHS La Scala are in the lead in the Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour going into the weekend.

Spring Tour 2019 Series

Date Centre
17th February Jag Equestrian
24th February Cavan Equestrian
3rd March Broadmeadows
10th March Portmore Equestrian (3 Day Show)
17th March Killossery Lodge (2 Day Show)
23rd March Ballinamoa
24th March Cavan Equestrian
31st March Maryville Equestrian (2 Day Show) & Kernans Equestrian
7th April Barnadown (3 Day Show)
14th April Mullingar Equestrian
20th April Coilog Equestrian
21st April Top Flight (Warrington) – Final

2019 Spring Tour News

Spring Tour Rules

1. All classes scheduled before each leg of the Spring Tour must be run in strict drawn order.

2. Entries to SJI office before 4pm Thursday with fee of €10 per entry per class (SJI rules) NB Please pay your money before 3pm on Thursday.

Declaration will be made to Showjumping Ireland as per Grand Prix before 4pm on Thursday or as advertised in SJI Bulletin or Website prior to show with no exceptions.

3. Sponsor of the Individual legs of the Spring Tour must not be in the line of business of the principle sponsor of the Tour.

4. The class is run as a 1.35 and as such, the max height for 1st round is 1.35m, with a max 1.45m spread on oxers.
Run under art 238.2.2 or in exceptional circumstances Art 274.5.2

5. Class should begin no later than 2.30pm to help us maximize the best media coverage and run under Art. 238.2.2 Rules as per National Grand Prix for Ground Jury, Starter & Course Designer. Substitution of horse (not rider) will only be permitted by the ground jury.
Should an appeals committee be needed, this will be selected at the show (3 SJI Officials).

6. Max 4 horses per rider.

7. Display clock must be available, preferably with a 45 second countdown facility.

8. Minimum Prize Fund €2000 to be paid out as per SJI rules. 1st -8th Pace at each leg of the Tour.

9. Each venue is requested to allow a 10% discount on the day of the Tour to Showjumpers Club members for entries of €100 or more. A list of members will be sent to each show before their leg of the Tour.

10. Start list will be available on both the Showjumpers Club website and Showjumping Ireland.

11. Shows are responsible for printing out start lists for the morning of the show.

12. As a courtesy to the Sponsors of the Tour, winners of the tour must be present to accept their prizes at the last leg of the Tour. Any queries regarding the tour should be addressed to the  before the final. No queries will be answered on the day unless about that last leg.

13. The best results of 9 legs will count for all combinations. Points and a half will be awarded at the last leg of the Tour.    Points allocation for all legs of the Tour for Riders: 10, 8, 6, 4,3,3,2,1

Riders will get their points for their first placing in each leg only.

14. It is the responsibility of the rider/agent/owner to keep a record of their results at each show and to check the leaderboard on the website and to email any queries before the final leg of the tour. Every effort will be taken to keep it correct but the responsibility will lie with rider/ owner /agent to see that it is correct.

To win the overall Prize of the Tour, riders must be a member of the Showjumper’s Club.

€30 membership to be sent to SaraJane Tracy, Alasti House, Alasti, Kill, Co. Kildare

Young Riders – YR Points will be taken from their placings in the overall class 1st – 8th (SJI).  No points given if they are not placed in the class on the day, but the prize on the day will go to the highest YR in the class. Tickets must be clearly marked YR or you will not be in this section.
Top Young Rider each day will receive a prize sponsored by Botanica Int

Young Riders= All young riders, juniors and COH (who qualify to jump at this height-SJI Rules) will jump under the young rider section but are eligible for the main prize fund on the day.

Johnie O’Connell, High Performance Coach will sponsor a Years Training to the top Young Rider of the Tour .    Johnie is based at Ravensdale in Co. Louth.

We wish to thank him most sincerely for this generous prize.

The Pro/Am section of the SJC Spring Tour returns this year and the leading Pro/Am on the day will receive a voucher sponsored by Equijump

Pro am -is an athlete, whether riding competitively or for recreation, show jumps for the challenge it presents, not as a profession or for financial gain.

• A Pro/Am’s horse must be owned by themselves or an immediate family member. (I.E. A parent or sibling)

• All riders wishing to take part in the Pro/Am section must declare themselves weekly by email to before close of entries, NOT on the day of the show


The over all prize for Spring Tour is sponsored by Equijump Ltd.

Rugs for the Tour are sponsored by TRI.

NB New Rule – four shows have been given the green light to run with a time allocated per round for their classes prior to the Spring Tour. No 1 =9am, No 2=9.03 etc-

Prizes on the Day of each leg of the Tour (see below)

Each leg of the Tour, the class will be sponsor on the day for €2000

Please show your appreciation to the show and their sponsors for their generosity in sponsoring these legs

Overall Winner of SHOWJUMPERS SPRING TOUR 2019(Horse& Rider)

1st €2000 plus rug

2ND €700

Top Young Rider – Johnnie O’ Connell, High Performance  Coaching Voucher for 1 year. Botanica International Hamper.

Equijump Top Pro-am – Voucher for Equijump.

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