Sven Hadley wins the Cavan Equestrian leg of the Connolly RED MILLS Spring Tour

Results of Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour at Cavan 18/3/18 Sponsored by Cavan Equestrian and supported by The Showjumper’s Club 1) Hadley;s Sport Horses Sumas Taloubet(Sven Hadley) 2) Shannon McKenzie’s Bens Lady Lux(Shannon McKenzie) 3)Shannon McKenzie’s Dyolita (Shannon McKenzie) 4)John Aylwards Bendix(Oisin Alyward) 5)Ellen Hughe’s Mullintine Jetstream(Daniel Fitzgerald) 6)Barry McCormack’s Armani Velvet(Barry McCormack) 7)Angela Percy’s El Cid V.H.Migroveld(Angela Percy) 8)Hadley […] Continue Reading

Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour moves to Cavan this Sunday

Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour moves to Cavan this week end. Results of the Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour 1.35 at Portmore(MB) Connollys red mills 2018 YR LBafter Portmore Results of the Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour 1.35 at Portmore 1.20m Cavan (3) 1.30m Cavan (1) 1.35m Connollys Red Mills Spring Tour Cavan Wishing you a successful show.

Win for Angela Percy on her own El Cid V. H. Migroveld at Portmore on Sunday

Angela Percy riding her own El Cid V H Migroveld yesterday at Portmore where she is just one point behind Sven Hadley on the leader board. Results Sunday 11th March 2018 – Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour (1.35) at Portmore 1) A Percy’s El Cid V. H. Migroveld (Angela Percy)00 41.79 2)S.McKenzie’s Ben’s Lady Lux (Shanon McKenzie)00 42.25 3)Hadley’s Sport […] Continue Reading

Connolly’s RED MILLS moves to Portmore this Sunday 11th March

Connolly’s RED MILLS moves to Portmore Equestrian this Sunday 11th March with a field of 30 combinations competing for the 2000 euro prize fund. 1.10m Portmore (1) 1.20m Portmore 1.35 Spring Tour Portmore Connollys red mills 2018 LB YR Connollys red mills 2018 LBProam Connollys red mills 2018 LB riders

Entries close for Portmore at 4 pm with SJI on line

Entries for the Portmore  leg of the Connolly’s Red Mills Spring Tour close today at 4 pm on line with SJI. Please don’t forget that all classes before Spring Tour are pre entry on line. we are sorry to notify you that Ballnamona will not run this weekend and Killossery is postponed from last weekend due to weather conditions.

Killossery Lodge Stud Start lists for next Sunday

Contact details for Laura Glynn or Ciaran Glynn  if you have a query re show or weather for this week end 0868245722 Laura 0863399580 Start list for Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour this Sunday 4th March 2018 1m Killossery 1.10mKillossery 1.20m Killossery 1.35m Spring Tour Killossery Sponsors of our PRO AM SECTION OF THE TOUR 2018 PLACINGS ON THE DAY […] Continue Reading

Connolly’s Red Mills Groom’s Prize in Spring Tour 2018

  Best Turned Out Prize at each leg of the Connolly’s Red Mills Spring Tour 2018 Connolly’s Red Mills have kindly sponsored a Best Turned Out prize for the groom who wins this award at each leg of the Spring Tour.   This will be judged by the SJI judges on the day-a presentation of a Connolly’s Red Mills Jacket […] Continue Reading

Great win for John Floody on home turf with jockey Paul Carberry hot on his heals

Result of Connolly’s Red Mills Spring Tour at Broadmeadows 25/2/18 1 HTS Blackrock(John Floody) 00 36.39 2 Brandonview First Edition( Paul Carberry)00 36.59 3 Quanbelle( Sven Hadley)00 37.36 4 Sumas Taloubet( Sven Hadley 00 37.43 5 Chantelle(Stephen Murphy) 00 39.31 6 Lupins Lux Z(Gerald Clarke)00 39.36 7 Delano W(Tholm Keane)00 39.63 8 El CID V H Migroveld( Angela Percy) 00 […] Continue Reading

Win for Tim McDonagh on Jackie Lee’s Tick Hoc Tina at Cavan Equestrian

1st; Jackie Lee/ Tick Hoc Tina / Tim McDonagh /0/0/37.20 2nd; William Lapsey / George / Kenneth Graham /0/0/37.77 3rd; Hadley Sport Horses / Dumas Taloubet / Sven Hadley/0/0/39.05 4th; Lady Georgina Forbes / Castleforbes Angelina / Jamie Landers /0/0/44.52 5th; Hadley Sport Horses / Realt Na Carraig/ Sven Hadley/0/0/45.54 6th; JAG Equestrian / Caleandra / Daniel Fitzgerald /0/0/46.09 7th; […] Continue Reading

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