Win for Marshall at Portmore in 4th leg of the Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour

THE SHOWJUMPER’S CLUB  4TH LEG OF THE SPRING TOUR AT PORTMORE Sponsored by Blue Grass Horse Feed 10TH MARCH 2019 1)H Marshall’s FIRST VERDI(Harry Marshall) 00 34.10 2)N Forbes’s Valtor De Blagney(J. Landers) 00 35.07 3)M Nelson’s Dartan’s Quality Brigade(C Daniels) 00 35.16 4)G.Prescot’s Billy Guilder(Edward Doyle Jnr) 00 38.04 5)A Clancy’s AHG Whiterock Lux(John Flooody) 00 43.44 6)R.Gardlan’s Zedlepplin(J […] Continue Reading


      Due to inclement weather, the riders got permission from the ground jury to divide this leg of the Tour . This was done in the interest of Health and Safety for our riders/horses travelling home long distance. THE SHOWJUMPER’S CLUB SPRING TOUR – 3RD LEG AT BROADMEADOWS  SPONSORED BY  GLANBIA ADVANCED PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, KARMAN NUTRITION RESULTS FROM […] Continue Reading

Win for Jamie Landers in the first leg of the Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour at Jag Equestrian

    1st Castleforbes Vilotte Jamie Landers 0034,75 2nd Paciro Thomas O’Brien 0035.07 3rd Aimoise Olive Clarke 0035.52 4th Valtor de Blagny Jamie Landers 0035.68 5th MHS La Scala Luke Garrigan 0035.94 6th Chantelle Stephen Murphy 0036.02 7th Uidam Sven Hadley 0036.16 8th Cruise Mor Ed Doyle 0036.29 JAG EQUESTRIAN – 1ST LEG OF THE SHOWJUMPER’S CLUB SPRING TOUR Sponsored […] Continue Reading

SJC Spring Tour 2019 – Pro/Am

The Pro/Am section of the SJC Spring Tour returns this year and the leading Pro/Am on the day will receive a prize. A Pro/Am is described as: “An athlete, whether riding competitively or for recreation, show jumps for the challenge it presents, not as a profession or for financial gain.” • A Pro/Am’s horse must be owned by themselves or […] Continue Reading

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