List of Pro am riders declared on 1st February 2023

Val Joy/Imora
Vickie Anderson
Niamh O Connor Barry/
Timmy Keogh/Jaquar blue
Deirdre Doyle/BLM Aunthentic Diamond, Kancruise
Aimee Barry/ Garrydruig Limoncello
Mark Tracy/Beech hill Tayla Blue
Jamie Garland/Zedlepplin
Ellen ni Riordan/ FFS Drama Queen
Sarah  Headon

Orla Cassidy

Other riders will be added to this list.

Leader Board for Pro am section after Mullingar.  Any enquiries re the Leader board, please email before Friday 14th April.

TRM PRO AM Leader Board 2023 Total JAG 5th Cavan EQ12th Broadmeadows Cavan 26th Wex 4th March Tipper 5th Kilossery 12th Warrington 17th Cavan 19th Maryville 26th Kernans 26th Barnadown 2nd A Mullingar 9th A Coilog 16th
Aime Barry Garrydruig Liminchello 31 10 2 10 3 0 3 3
Mark Tracy Beech Hill Tayle Blue 17 3 3 3 0 2 0 6
Niamh O Connor Barry Drumiller Vagus 7 2 3 1 0 2
Jamie Garland Zedlepplin 5 2 3 3 0
Timmy Keogh Jaguer Blue 2 2 0
Val Joy Imora 1 1 0
Deirdre Doyle Kancruise 2 2 0
Deirdre Doyle 0
Eva O Shaughnessy 0
Sharon Heading 0
Orla Cassidy 00
Vickie Anderson


It is the responsibility of the Rider/Owner to check this leader board and to notify the committee if they have any query re their points before the final leg of the Tour at Coilog Equestrian.

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