1st Place to Kilkenny’s lady Susan Fitzpatrick at the Broadmeadows leg of the TRM Spring Tour 1.35 this evening

Great win for Susan Fitzpatrick on today’s leg of the TRM Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour at Broadmeadows.  Susan went into the jump-off with 6 other combinations fighting for the purse strings of 2500 euro kindly sponsored by Glanbia for this leg of the Tour. She rode an amazing calm round in an excellent time putting it up to the other combinations in the field.

The course was challenging, built by our local International course designer, Tom Holden who designed a few interesting questions for the riders.

7 combinations went clear in the first round with three other combinations receiving just 1 point in the first round.  Sven Hadley looked as if he had the upper hand with two chances at the jump-off.  Things just went a little wrong for him and he had to be happy with being placed in this leg.

Result of the TRM Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour at Broadmeadows

1)S. Fitzpatrick’s “Jeatingstown  GothadeDe Baudignes”(Susan Fitzpatrick) 00 30.97
2)S.Duffy’s “Fini”(Joanna Sixt) 00 31.24
3)B.Moran’s “Faline!(Robyn Moran) 00 39.21
4)K.& G. Thompson’s”Donevan Erikindale”(John Floody) 04 31.37
5)Hadley Sport Horses’s “Ganorad”(Sven Hadley) 04  31.97
6)A Robertson’s “Immun Ocean O’Gara”(Brendan Murphy) 08 29.67
7) Hadley Sporthorses “Topspin”(Sven Hadley) 0 Ret
8) H. McGuinness’s “Kilderry’s Joint Venture”(Aishling McGuinness) 1T 69.12
9)Timeaskea Stud’s”Honfleur”(Ger Clarke) 1T 69.27
10)Carla Camolai’s”Q Two TL” (Damien Griffin) 1T 71.48

36 starters
7 into Jump Off

TRM Young Rider of the Broadmeadow’s leg of SP – Susan Fitzpatrick





Tesoro TRM Pro-am rider of the Broadmeadow’s leg of ST – Orla Cassidy


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