2014 HSI Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour

                           redmillssince1908                  Rules HSI Connolly’s RED MILL Spring Tour 2014(MASTER)

  HSI Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour 2014

                                  sponsored by The Showjumper’s Club, Horsesport Ireland, Connolly’s Red Mills.

Horsesport ireland


In the interest of Showjumping becoming more efficient and more appealing to those who wish to support our sport, all classes scheduled before each leg of the HSI Spring Tour must be run in strict drawn order. We, the Showjumpers Club,will help each show in doing this and further details of same will be made available shortly.

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1.Sponsor of the Individual legs of the Spring Tour must not be in the line of business of the principle(TOUR) sponsor.

2.The class is run as a 1.30(s) and as such the max height for 1st round is 1.35m, with a max 1.45m spread on oxers.

3.Declaration will be made to Showjumping Ireland as per Grand Prix. (GP Deposits must be paid to SJI Office prior to declaration). Closing Time for Declarations is 4pm on Thursday prior to show with no exceptions.

4.Class should begin no later than 3pm to help us maximize the best media coverage. 

5.National SJI Grand Prix rules shall apply class will be run under art. 238.2.2

Including rules for Ground Jury, Appeals, Starter and Course Designer,
6.Substitution, with the permission of the ground jury, of a horse is permitted but not  that of a rider.
7.Max 3 horses per rider for less than 50 entries and max 4 horses per rider for 51 or more entries.
8. Display clock must be available, preferably with a 45 second countdown facility
9.Prize money to be paid out as per SJI rules.
10.Each venue is asked to allow a 10% discount on the day of the Tour to Showjumpers Club members for entries of 100 Euro or more. Members will be required to show membership card. We need to encourage more riders to join our club as without the club, the future of this tour will be jeopardised.
11.Start list will be available on both the Showjumpers club web-site and the Showjumping Ireland/Connolly’s RED MILLS Website Web site/Facebook/Twitter
12.Shows are responsible for printing out start lists for the morning of the show.

Horsesport ireland



Breeders Prize -€1,000 for the leading Irish Sport Horse in the Spring Tour (€500 to the owner and €500 to the breeder) The horse must finish in the top three final standings.   All horses registered in the Irish Horse Register with the breed codes ISH, RID or ID with Sire and Dam recorded on their passport.


New to the Tour –  The Castlefield Sporthorses 7 & 8  year old horse Section– 3 points for double clear rounds and additional bonus points for 1st, 2nd 3rd of 3,2,1 in all legs.  The best results of 9 legs will count for all combinations.  This section is kindly sponsored by Castlefield Sporthorses, Kilkenny for 2000 euro.
Owner’s Prize – There will be a presentation of a prize to the owner of the winning horse but only when the owner is present at the show for the presentation.

The Tour is also supported by Showjumping Ireland, Castlefield Sporthorses, Darragh Equestrian Solutions.








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