Result of the TRM Spring Tour at Maryville & Kernan’s 26th March 2023

Next leg of the Spring Tour is at Barnadown 2/4/23

26th March 2023

Results of the TRM Spring Tour at Maryville

  1. Seryna Van Kuelen’s Danqu(Paul Beecher) 00 37.31
  2. Lorcan Hennessy’s King Louis AE(Seamus Hennessy) 00 39.14
  3. Lorcan Hennessy’s Ballynoe Clinton Jack(Lorcan Hennessy) 00 40.40
  4. David Hedley’s Jargon dn(Jamie Landers) 00 41.39
  5. LIAM O’Meara’s Sit Jim Jim(Liam O’Meara) 00 44.57
  6. Liam O’Meara’s Lux Trendy(Liam O’Meara) 04 39

24 combinations

11 into the Jump Off

TRM Spring Tour Young Rider – Seamus Hennessy



Results of the TRM Spring Tour at Kernan’s

  1. Hadley’s Sport Horses’s UIDAM(Sven Hadley) 00 39.51
  2. Harry Marshall’s Daylight VHS Z( Owner) 00 41.27
  3. Euro Horse Axel Verloy’s Phenomene Blue VDM(Sven Hadley) 00 43.47
  4. Heike Tracy’s Beech Hill Tayla Blue(Mark Tracy) 00 46.66
  5. Victoria Clarke’s Major Royale(Owner) 04 40.30
  6. Keonan Stables Ltd.’s Fury(HSI)  04 42.46


22 combinations

11 into the Jump off

TRM Young Rider – Tommy Halford/Greenvale Draco








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