Davide Focardi & Niall Madden both part of the team of experts at Equine Hedge School

Davide photoDavide Focardi “Natural Ways Energy Physio” -Natural therapies for horses -School of healing Drummond, Carbury, Co. kildare Tel: +353 87 6229714 Email: larabafenice@eircom.net Web: www.davidefocardi.com
I have been involved in the horse industry all my life. I started riding in my farm in Italy as soon as it was safe for me to do so. I competed professionally in Showjumping and Endurance up to International level. I become a riding instructor in 1993 and spent many years teaching, competing and running several equestrian establishment. In Italy first, and then in Ireland, after I moved here in 1999. Like any other horse riders in the world, I often had a sore or lame horse, or just under performing; and the fact that my Vets sometime didn’t have an appropriate explanation or a proper solution, led me to begin my journey in Alternative and Complementary Medicine. “Natural Ways Energy Physio” is the result of my 20+ years of study, research and development. In my work I use a perfected cocktail of more traditional techniques (including Physiotherapy and Chiropractic); a variety of Chinese and Japanese Therapies and also many new techniques that I have developed myself throughout my many years of practice.
My work has been appreciated for many years by a nearly countless number of clients and I have had the honour and pleasure of working with many of the most successful Irish (and not only Irish) horses and riders in the world.
I also run a school where I teach to a very selected number of pupils with the right characteristics, to become fully qualified (and world wide recognised) Energy Physio Practitioners.
I am now in the process of selecting new pupils that will begin training in September 2016.
If you think you have the right skills; you are interested in making the treatment of horses your full time profession; you want to learn something that really works; you are not afraid of hard work and you are willing to study my methods please contact me in person or through my contact details.


niall madden hedge school

Niall Madden . Physical Therapist.

Loughree Therapy Center .



Athlone ,

Co. Westmeath.

Postal code : N37T280.

Ph; 086-8163683.



Subjects for Conference;

1; Importance of Body Balance.

2; Structural Misalignment & Habits.

3; Fitness for Sport (horse and rider connection).

4; Imbalance Effects . A: Horse. B: Saddle. C: Performance.

5; Recommendations & Questions.

6; Conclusion .” Balance for Life “ .



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