TRM Leader Boards going into the Final leg at Coilog this Sunday Points and a half on offer in the final leg. We wish to thank all the competitors who participated in the tour, the centres that ran a leg of the Tour and all their supporters. A huge thank you to TRM and their team for their continuous support of this Spring Tour each year. The very best of […] Continue Reading

TRM Spring Tour at Mullingar

*** Watch Online at **** ⭐ ®️ | ⭐ Mullingar Equestrian | Sunday 10th April Current Leader Board ®️ | 2022 1️⃣ Robyn Moran (YR) with Cushla Fryday – 57 2️⃣ John Floody with Accidental Diamond – 45 3️⃣ Jackilynn Breslin with Castlefield Cass – 41 1st, 2nd & 3rd place of the class will receive TRM®️ supplement packs. […] Continue Reading

Leader Board for TRM Spring Tour after Kernan 27th March 22

TRM HORSE/RIDER LEADER BOARD AFTER KERNAN’S 27TH MARCH 22 PRIZES FOR THE TOUR WINNING COMBINATION  –  2000 WINNING RUNNER UP –  1000 Horse Rider Owner Total Total Accidental Diamond John Floody Kathryn Magennnis 43 Cushla Fryday Robyn Moran Vera Griffin yr 43 Castlefield Cass Jackilynn Breslin Jim O’Neill 33 Kan Cruise Lee Carey Leo Carey yr 30 Hip Girl Katie […] Continue Reading

TRM Young Rider Leader Board 2022 after Killossery Lodge Stud 130322

  YOUNG RIDER LEADER BOARD TRM Spring Tour 2022 Rider Owner Total Kan Cruise Lee Carey Leo Carey yr 30 Hip Girl Katie McEntee Stephex Stables yr 26 Cushla Fryday Robyn Moran Vera Griffin Yr 25 RHS Blue Emma McEntee John Hoyne yr 21 Chardonney Shannon Robinson Joy Robinson yr 13 Ninparo Eoni Brennan Richard Bourns Yr 9 Creevagh Special […] Continue Reading

Great win for Harry Marshall on his own Daylight VHS Z at Portmore this afternoon 060322

  Great win for Harry Marshall on his own 8-year-old mare, Daylight VHS Z at today’s leg of the TRM Spring Tour at Potymotr Equestrian. Results of TRM Spring Tour at Portmore 060322 1) Harry Marshall’s Daylight VHS Z(Owner) 00 38.32 2)Kathryn Magennis’s  Accidental Diamond (John Floody) 00 38.83 3)David Campbell’s      Derryinver Truffle(luke Campbell) 00 39.15 4)Stephex Stables’s […] Continue Reading

Win for Jacklynn Breslin on Jim O’Neill’s Caslefield Cass at Wexford Equestrian

  Second win for Castlefield Cass and Jackilynn Breslin in TRM Spring Tour at Wexford Equestrian on 5/3/22.  A delightful round of jumping from this combination.  Jackilynn also took fifth place on Castlefield Miss. The young riders were very well represented with Robin Moran taking second with Cushlas Fryday and seventh on Coolminga Inspector Royale.    Molly Hughes Bravo on […] Continue Reading

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