Next leg of the TRM Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour is on this Sunday 23rd Feb at Cavan Equestrian

The next leg of the TRM Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour is at Cavan Equestrian this Sunday 23rd Feb.  Entries close online with SJI before 4 pm tomorrow Thursday 20th.  Points are 1st ‘ 8th place in class.


Portmore 1 Tipperary Eq Cavan 1 Jag Eq Cavan 2 Total
Anthony O Regan/Holmoak Koln 8 7 15
Sven Hadley/Topspin 10 10
Adam Carey/Quinn Z 10 10
Brendan Murphy/Farno D’or 10 10
John McEntee/Stptex Stables Hip 8 8
Eddie Moloney/Ardlamix Hero Z 8 8
Luke Campbell/Corlioni 2 6 8
Stephen Murphy/Chantelle 7 7
Philip Carey/Diamantina D 7 7
Edward Doyle Jnr/Billy Kat 6 6
Philip Carey/Kamiro D 6 6
Philip Horgan/Classified 5 5
Kate Condon/Marble Arch Equine Ping Ball 5 5
Brendan Murphy/Milchem Gorgeous 5 5
Kayleigh Soden/Ard Leaderman 4 4
Katie Condon/Interpreter 4 4
Eddie Moloney/Nikke 4 4
Susan Ftzpatrick/Keatingstown Skorphults Joker 3 3
John Floody/Donevan Erkindale 3 3
Susan Fitzpatrick/My Way GG 3 3
Yvonne Whiteside/Ecclesville 2 2
Francis Connors/Erins Goldilocks 2 2
Tesoro logo for TRM
Declin McEvoy/BLM Cosmopolitian Dandy 1 1 2
Brestrice Gates Hardiman 1 1

TRM Young Rider’s Winning Award « 1 year as TRM Ambassador

Portmore 1 Tipperary Eq Cavan 1 Jag Eq Total
Adam Carey/Quinns Z 10 10
Brendan Murphy/Farno D’or 10 10
Katie Condon/Interpreter 4 4
Susan Fitzpatrick/My way GG 3 3
Susan Fitzpatrick/Keatingstown Skorphults Joker 3 3
Katie Condon/Marble Arch Equine Ping Ball
5 5

Any Queries re Leader Board, please email asap, so that the mistake can be corrected.


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