Rules for TRM Spring Tour 2024

The Principal Sponsor of the Tour must be included in the Heading of the Schedule ie TRM Spring Tour 2024
Promotional information will be presented to show by Sponsor or the Club. This will be announced during the class at each leg
Sponsor on the day  – ie TRM Spring Tour 1.35 supported by “P White”.    The club wish  to thank the individual sponsors of each leg and will be delighted to put their logo and information up on the club website.
Sponsors of the Individual legs of the Tour may not be in direct competition with the principal sponsor of the Tour. (please contact the showjumper’s club with any queries on 0868252828. Thank You.

The class is run under article 238.2.2 or in exceptional circumstances under 274.5.3 and as per
National Grand Prix   rules – Senior Course Designer and Senior Judge on the ground jury.
Should an appeals committee be needed, 3 SJI Official attending will take on this duty.
Max 4 horses per rider

The tour will begin not later than 3pm to help maximise the media coverage. The club reserves the right not to pay a show if they do not comply with this rule.
All classes run before the Spring Tour must be run in strict drawn order.

Entries on line through SJI Live. Close of entries must be published on SJI & on Show schedule Display clock must be available preferably with a 45 second count down.
Minimum Prize fund of €3000 at each leg(except in February €2500) and entry fees at the discretion of the show committee.

Start list available on SJI Live
Every effort will be made to get as much publicity for each leg of the Tour.  Please forward your supporters logo if you wish them to be included.
Results will be sent out after the class on “Whats App.”  If you wish your name to be included on this list, just text your request to  0868252828


As a courtesy to the Sponsor of the Tour, The top combinations on the Leader Board, going into the Final, must be present to receive their prizes on the day.

Any queries to before the final leg.

The best results of 13 legs will count for all combinations.  Points per SJI competitions on SJI Live. Should there be a draw for the winning place, the combination placed in the top  placing in the leg before will be the winner.
It is the responsibility of the Rider/Owner to keep a record of their points and check it against the leader board.

Young Rider – Points will be taken from their placings in the class but no points will be given to combinations not placed in the class.
Included in  YR Section is YR, Juniors and COH(only riders with permission to jump at this height)


Winners of the TRM Spring Tour sponsored by TRM and supported by the Showjumpers Club
Winner combination of the Tour – €3000 rug, TRM products/voucher, sash
runner up combination – €1500 rug, TRM products /voucher and sash
3rd – €500 product Top Young Rider -Will receive the title of TRM Young Rider 2023 Ambassador. Rug, TRM goodie bag and sash

Wishing all Shows the very best of luck in 2023 and we hope our riders will have a great start to the season.

Reminder – Prize Fund in February is 2500 euro and in March and April 3000 euro
Fences – 1.35 in February/March  1.40cm in April.



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