Win for Capt Geoff Curran at Coilog’s leg of the Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour.

It was a great day’s jumping up at Coilog with the sun shining all day, families out with their picnics and just lots of BUZZ: The Army riders were out in full force and Capt Geoff Curran on the Minister for Defence’s Carnlea gave the riders a run for their money in the penultimate round of the Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour.   Cathal Daniel on Darton’s Quality Brigade had the fastest time but tipped a pole at the end of his round  It was lovely to see Geoff’s family at the show to support him.

Going into the last leg today, MHS La Scala and Young Rider, Luke Garrigan from Nt Co Dublin is in the lead with 33.10 with Oisin Alyward on Syhoejegaards Hurrican Dice with 20 points followed by Cathal Daniels’ on Darton’s Quality Brigade on 19.10 points.


Rug Sponsor
Luke Garrigan(yr) MHS La Scala 33.1
Oisin Alyward Syhoejegaards Hurrican Dice 20
Cathal Daniels Darton’s Quality Brigade 19.1
Harry Marshall First Verdi 18
Jamie Lander Valtore de blagny 15
Shannon McKenzie Ben’s Lady Lux 13.1
Thomas O Brien Paciro 14
Capt Geoff Curran Carnlea 10
Savanagh Barry Flambeau 11
Jamie Lander Castleforbes Violette 10
Kieran Carey Hip Boy 10
Michael Pender Javas Gucci 10
Thomas O Brien Miss Darco 10
Tholm Keane BMH Big Time 10

Botanica Int Young Rider’s Leader Board

MHS La Scala Luke Garrigan 33.1
Syhoejegaards Hurrican Dice Oisin Alyard 20
Javas Gucci Michael Pender 10
KMS Earl Daniel McAlinden(YR) 8
Ard Leaderman Kayleigh Soden 7
Ballylynch Wizard Thomas Foley 6
KMS Earl Jack Ryan 5
Fanta M Tadhg Kearney 4
Berlios van de Kapel Grace McHugh 4
Moneybroom Dancer Jack Ryan 4
Quandarina Patrick Hickey 3
Cavalier Teasca Jack Ryan 3
Martini van de Overis Z Patrick Hickey 1

Equijump Pro am Leader Board

Pro-Am Sponsor
Tullagh Uisce Beaha Paul Murphy 9.1
Zedlepplin Jamie Garland 3


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