Win for Joanna Blair at 5th leg of the TRM Showjumpers Spring Tour 17th March 2021


Results of the TRM Showjumpers Spring Tour at  Warrington Equestrian Centre 17th March 2021

Kindly supported by Warrington Top Flight Equestrian Centre
Course Designer: Tom Holden


1) Joanna Blair’s Mon Ami(Joanna Blair) 00 29.40
2)Sorcha Hennessy’s Izzy (Derek McConnell) 00 29.73
3)Eddie Moloney & TSI Equestrian’s Temple Alice(Eddie Moloney) 00 30.07
4) Julian Pearson’s Killossery  Krescendo (Jason Foley) 00 30.09
5) GBBS International’s Ballypatrick Flamenco (Kevin Gallagher) 00 30.32
6)Hadley Sporthorses’s  Uidam (Sven Hadley) 00 30.61
7)Lisa Cawley’s Flexibility(Edward Doyle) 00 30.91
8)Max O’ Reilly Hyland’s Barbar de Bussy(Max O’Reilly Hyland) 00 32.57

61 competitors
27 into the jump off.

Leader Board 2021
Owner Breeder Broadmeadows 21st Feb Cavan Wexford Killossery Warrington Total
Coolminga Inspector Royal Robyn Moran(YR) James McMahon James McMahon 10 10 20
Coolivio PS Greg Broderick GBBS Int Ltd. Euro Passport 7 8 5 20
MHS New York Emma McEntee(YR) Miguel Bravo Thomas Brennan 7 10 3 20
Cushlas Fryday Robyn Moran(YR) Vera Griffin J P Finlay 6 6 12
Guidam Sven Hadley Hadley Sport Horses Padraig Howley 8 4 12
Faline Robyn Moran(YR) Brian Moran 10 10
Joanna Blair Mon Ami Joanna Blair Brian McClintock 10 10
Chinatown Victoria Clarke Cavan Equestrian C Rasmullen Mogens 8 8
Sorcha Hennessy Izzy Derek McConnell 8 8
Lupins Lux Z Ger Clarke Patrick/Annemarie Sutton 8 8
Chantelle Stephen Murphy Brian Murphy Gerry Trainer 2 6 8
Eddie Moloney & TSI Equestrian Temple Alice Eddie Moloney 7 7
Uranus D’or Killian Ryan Killian Ryan M Albert Lebrun 7 7
Julien Pearson Killossery Krescendo Jason Foley F & L Glynn 6 6
Gradje O Greg Broderick Steven Smith 6 6
Fourth of July Isabel Fitzpatrick(YR) H & B Fitzpatrick GJM Frehen 5 5
GBBS Int Ltd Ballypatrick Flamenco Kevin Gallagher 5 5
Freezing Rain Sven Hadley Hadley Sport Horses Mr M Ruthledge 5 5
Kincoola Milsean Jasin Higgins Jasin Higgins Harold McGahern 5 5
Elastique Van De Koekoek Sven Hadley Hadley Sport Horses Flip Van Assvhe 4 4
Armani BS Daniel Carroll Breeda Carroll 4 4
Mirdads Zamzaaam Emma McEntee(YR) Sheikh Samir Mirdad 4 4
Glamston Paul Beecher Seryna Van Kuelen W Nijzing 4 4
Lisa Cawley Flexability Edward Doyle Lisa Cawley 3 3
Cocoblue Vincent Byrne Pearl Roche-Fanning Gustut Lewitz 3 3
Claddagh Martha Tara Dunne (WB) Siobhan Dunne Alison & Teresa Moore 3 3
Holy Blue Nicolas Connors Ann Connors Bernard Demets 3 3
Ard Leaderman Kayleigh Soden(YR) Kayleigh Soden 2 2
BLM Authentic Diamond Deirdre Doyle Tom Doyle 2 2
Messanger VF Ethen Ahearn Elicia Edgar 2 2
Max O’Reilly Hyland Balbar de Bussy Max O’Reilly Hyland 2 2


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